Too much sportswear, too junior? It’s time to fight with prejudices sticking to his skin! Our advice to adapt it to your style and your morpho, as well as our trend selection.This season, more than ever, the sweatshirt is at the top of the must-have in his closet. Before you crack, here are some tips to avoid the mistakes of taste and to choose a model perfectly adapted to its style, its age and its morphology.


What if our good old winter sweater became the key to a stylish look? Discover ways to ridicule it without being wrong.

We can not really say that the big sweater has the reputation of the most glamorous room in our locker room. Rarely salient, this inevitable winter makes it difficult to value, making us easily take two more sizes, at least visually. To be cold or have style, the question arises regularly, not to say all the time. So we went to draw inspiration from our friends fashionistas, who clearly do not seem to have the same problem.

How do fashionistas wear their big winter sweaters?
In a very cool way, of course. Particular attention was paid to Chiara Ferragni’s look at the latest Fashion Week, which slid her XXL sweater under a gigantic denim overall. But most girls play the card of feminization by combining their mesh with sparkling pleated skirts, evanescent floral dresses or retro mini-shorts.

On which big pulls to bet this winter?
Let it be said, the trend is to the fat sweater comforting, the mesh and thick broad, like the knitted model of our childhood. We therefore do not hesitate to let go on the jacquard and navajo prints or to show off the ivory white Irish sweater worn by our father in the 80s. The more it will be oversize, the more our winter sweater will provide a fashionable guarantee to our special look great cold. No need to invest, just inspect the closet or peel the shelves of thrift stores.

How to wear the sweater in day lurex?
Contrary to popular belief, the sweater in lurex is not reserved for the nocturnal trips, on the contrary. The trend is the glittering sweater worn day, rather wide, with dark denim and boots, all accessorized with very fine gold jewelry. The advantage? You can go to the restaurant directly after the office without even having to change. Convenient.

How to wear the lurex sweater in the evening?
Why wear a low-cut blouse or a bustier when a lurex sweater can be used as a formal wear? It is put on with tuxedo pants and sophisticated derbies to dramatize the glitter effect without seeming too detached. We heal his hair, we enhance the makeup a little and voila.

Exhibits ? The catwalks that – once again – show some form of rehabilitation of bad taste. Patchwork halo of kitsch at Junya Watanabe, obsolete graphic patterns for Marc Jacobs, or American Indian inflection at Isabel Marant: the Dynasty sweater is pulled out of the closet of shame and appears in broad daylight. Even the slender Dilone takes on the air of Pierre Mortez as she sweeps the catwalk Chloé in a thundering jacquard sweater and oversized tweed pants. A quickdraw at first glance not alluring, which requires some assurance to dare to appropriate.


We love these little sparkly lurex sweaters that discreetly illuminate our outfits. But how do you get their hands on them? Answer with our selection.

Ultra present in the early 2000s, the little lurex sweater was reserved for special occasions and party outfits. Brought up to date, it is democratized but in a less nocturnal fashion, as well as our glitter shoes or our little black dress which are now invited in our dressing day.



Fallen star of our eighties locker room, the big ugly pullover is essential as the vintage piece to appropriate. Explanations.
Fusing stylistic trauma, the colorful knitted sweater of the 80s left in the collective collective unconscious an imperishable memory which one would have spent well. Synonymous with skeptical tackiness, the mesh with the shouting patterns we once wore on our nonchalantly classy photos would be new.










Soft, comfortable and especially ultra trendy, the Irish knit sweater deserves a nice place in our winter wardrobe. And since we are sure that you will also crack, we offer you our selection of the most beautiful models in the following slideshow.

Rehabilitated, the turtleneck pulled up the stylistic slope to reach the peak of the trends of the autumn-winter 2018-2019. The proof with the models of our selection.

Anti-cold parure essence, the turtleneck sweater, or neck collar, is part of these basics inherent to winter that we exempt from wearing the annoying scarf. Reminiscent stylistic childhood for some, incarnation of a style (too?) BCBG for others, the turtleneck, looking falsely retro, is again acclaimed by the ready-to-wear signs.

Because is not a model who wants

Worn in total retro look, the big ugly sweater can quickly kill a style yet studied upstream and turn to the neglected figure. The more adventurous can however adube with a piece of leather (skirt or pants) strong enough to play down the knot nostalgic that will be chinera, for a few euros, in a warehouse depot. Side accessories, it twists the whole of a few golden jewelry and white sneakers relaxed history to breathe in this knitted mesh a good dose of modernity.

Rampart against the cold, the Irish sweater finds a strong caution fashion. The proof by 10.

It was in the early 1900s that the traditional Irish sweater was born on the archipelago of the Aran Islands, located in Galway Bay. Originally, it was intended to protect fishermen from bad weather during the long and harsh winter season. Moreover, the twists often present on this basic piece refer to the knot of fisherman, reinforcing the authentic spirit that inspires the creators.A few years ago, the French brand Gerard Darel brought it up to date by creating a model called “Marilyn”, honoring the actress Marilyn Monroe who wore an Irish sweater in The Millionaire. Since then, it continues to be revisited by creators such as Alexander McQueen or Andrew Gn. Even the stars adopt it from every angle: Gisele Bündchen, Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson are among its followers.