What if our good old winter sweater became the key to a stylish look? Discover ways to ridicule it without being wrong.

We can not really say that the big sweater has the reputation of the most glamorous room in our locker room. Rarely salient, this inevitable winter makes it difficult to value, making us easily take two more sizes, at least visually. To be cold or have style, the question arises regularly, not to say all the time. So we went to draw inspiration from our friends fashionistas, who clearly do not seem to have the same problem.

How do fashionistas wear their big winter sweaters?
In a very cool way, of course. Particular attention was paid to Chiara Ferragni’s look at the latest Fashion Week, which slid her XXL sweater under a gigantic denim overall. But most girls play the card of feminization by combining their mesh with sparkling pleated skirts, evanescent floral dresses or retro mini-shorts.

On which big pulls to bet this winter?
Let it be said, the trend is to the fat sweater comforting, the mesh and thick broad, like the knitted model of our childhood. We therefore do not hesitate to let go on the jacquard and navajo prints or to show off the ivory white Irish sweater worn by our father in the 80s. The more it will be oversize, the more our winter sweater will provide a fashionable guarantee to our special look great cold. No need to invest, just inspect the closet or peel the shelves of thrift stores.