Fallen star of our eighties locker room, the big ugly pullover is essential as the vintage piece to appropriate. Explanations.
Fusing stylistic trauma, the colorful knitted sweater of the 80s left in the collective collective unconscious an imperishable memory which one would have spent well. Synonymous with skeptical tackiness, the mesh with the shouting patterns we once wore on our nonchalantly classy photos would be new.

Exhibits ? The catwalks that Рonce again Рshow some form of rehabilitation of bad taste. Patchwork halo of kitsch at Junya Watanabe, obsolete graphic patterns for Marc Jacobs, or American Indian inflection at Isabel Marant: the Dynasty sweater is pulled out of the closet of shame and appears in broad daylight. Even the slender Dilone takes on the air of Pierre Mortez as she sweeps the catwalk Chloé in a thundering jacquard sweater and oversized tweed pants. A quickdraw at first glance not alluring, which requires some assurance to dare to appropriate.

Because is not a model who wants. Worn in total retro look, the big ugly sweater can quickly kill a style yet studied upstream and turn to the neglected figure. The more adventurous can however adube with a piece of leather (skirt or pants) strong enough to play down the knot nostalgic that will be chinera, for a few euros, in a warehouse depot. Side accessories, it twists the whole of a few golden jewelry and white sneakers relaxed history to breathe in this knitted mesh a good dose of modernity.