We love these little sparkly lurex sweaters that discreetly illuminate our outfits. But how do you get their hands on them? Answer with our selection.

Ultra present in the early 2000s, the little lurex sweater was reserved for special occasions and party outfits. Brought up to date, it is democratized but in a less nocturnal fashion, as well as our glitter shoes or our little black dress which are now invited in our dressing day.

How to wear the sweater in day lurex?
Contrary to popular belief, the sweater in lurex is not reserved for the nocturnal trips, on the contrary. The trend is the glittering sweater worn day, rather wide, with dark denim and boots, all accessorized with very fine gold jewelry. The advantage? You can go to the restaurant directly after the office without even having to change. Convenient.

How to wear the lurex sweater in the evening?
Why wear a low-cut blouse or a bustier when a lurex sweater can be used as a formal wear? It is put on with tuxedo pants and sophisticated derbies to dramatize the glitter effect without seeming too detached. We heal his hair, we enhance the makeup a little and voila.